Bolsa de Trabajo

Pasantía SOVOS

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Business Analyst Intern:
The main purpose of this role consists in ensure the compliance of SOVOS products, services and processes.
The Business Analyst will have to analyze business applications according to government specifications to update and improve them. This role is responsible for the analysis and monitoring of the functional development of computer applications, ensuring that it is Compliance to avoid penalties.

Dev Automation Intern:
The Dev Automation Intern is capable of writing code, understanding application, APIs, frontend and backend
This role consists mainly in improving the continuous integration and delivery pipelines by automating test batteries at different levels: end to end tests, API tests and even unit tests if applicable.
The idea is to work with Automation-first in mind. Ideally every manual test created by QA engineers should be automated.
Another responsibility in this role is to improve current test runs and tools: making automated tests run faster, in a more reliable manner, improving maintainability of the tests themselves and improving continuous integration tools.

Writing clean code and understanding how different parts of an application work together is key to succeed in this role.

Dev Intern:
The person in this role should have the skills to participate in an Agile Dev Team, assisting in the development of software solutions with good quality, using agile best practices and incorporating the use of tools and processes that facilitate the collaboration. Main responsibilities: Translate customer requirements into code, upgrade, repair and modify applications, participate in the estimation of the effort required for implementing solutions, and create and maintain automated tests.

Application Services Intern:
The Application Services Intern is responsible for configuring and deploying Sovos products as well as maintaining infrastructure.

The main responsibilities are:
Deploying Sovos products in different stages.
Perform configuration changes following development teams requests.
Maintain Virtual Machines, infrastructure.
Participate in improving deployment processes and practices.

The intern will work closely with other Application Services Engineers until reaching autonomy.
Ideally candidates should have basic knowledge of server architectures (Linux and/or Windows operating systems), cluster and cloud infrastructure, virtual machines.
Knowledge of scripting languages (Shell, Bash, Powershell) is a plus.
Knowledge of container technologies like Docker is welcome.

En todos los casos:
high/intermediate level of english